Why Yet One More Web Site?

Good question.  Here are a few reasons why:

This web site began as a resource for several little hardy bands of Christians on several different continents that I have the privilege of working with and ministering to every once in awhile. By choice, I work a full time secular job and my ability to visit these precious gatherings of God’s people is limited and the site was conceived of with assisting them, largely in mind. I guess then, this site is a tool for a spare time Christian worker.

Additionally, I requested a very dear friend of mine in Ormond Beach, Florida (a wilderness wanderer himself) to review some of the material. To my utter astonishment, he said he was encouraged and buoyed by the material and proposed I consider making it available to a wider audience. So, in essence, it’s my buddy Christian’s fault, that global bandwidth is yet one more increment smaller. More

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